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Our mission at Wood Buffalo Small Animal Hospital is to understand your pet needs and provide accurate guidance and advice. We can help you with numerous concerns, from puppy and kitten advice to behavioural and dietary consults to end of life discussions. We can also assist with determining the urgency of a situation and deciding whether your pet requires immediate care or whether you can wait to see your regular veterinarian or alternatively provide some management at home.

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About Wood Buffalo Small Animal Hospital

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Wood Buffalo Small Animal Hospital in Fort McMurray provides all of the standard veterinary services (vaccinations, spay/neuters, x-rays, bloodwork) for your canine and feline companions. In addition, we carry specialty food, treats, supplements, toys and leashes for your pet’s health and wellbeing.

Are you going on vacation and you don’t have anyone to look after your cat, bird, or pocket pet? We offer the option of boarding them with us, if it’s just the day or the week ask us about pricing.

At Wood Buffalo Small Animal Hospital we make sure your companions are healthy and happy. Our caring staff and great selection of products ensure that your pet gets the very best!

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